serving mistress fallon in detroit michigan

There are several different ways to serve your Mistress. Read through the options below and determine if you are suitable for one or more methods. Then you may submit your application for service. Once reviewed, W/we will communicate several more times by email and ultimately at least once by phone before Your training can begin. I adore breaking in a slave…..having him learn My ways...become attuned to My needs and desires. I am a strict Mistress, but not a sadist. I expect My slaves to respectful, open, compliant and truly submissive. I accept a slave for training when I feel there is the potential commitment for a longer term connection, as with time, the interaction grows deeper and is more rewarding.

Real Time Sessions

Select and suitable slaves will be allowed to serve Me in Real Time. I do not operate out of a dungeon, but I do have an extensive collection of toys and a diverse wardrobe. I will structure My training with the submissive keeping his curiosities, desires and needs in mind, but only in a way that pleases Me. I do not have a fixed script nor do I deal with each slave in the same manner.

Online Training

Not all slaves are able to serve in real time. Online training provides an avenue in which to express and explore their D/s desires. Keep in mind, I do not consider online training as a “substitute” for RT. That makes it sound second rate, and that is not the case. I classify it as an alternative.

What I offer is email training, punctuated with phone calls. Both, at My discretion. The emails are most usually task oriented. They arrive at intervals that I choose throughout the week/month. But rest assured, the necessary contact is maintained. The phone calls reinforce the emails…..also allowing the slave to reconnect with his Mistress in a more personal fashion. The slave is allowed to write/respond to Mistress as She requests. I am ultimately in control and will train and guide My slave how I see fit….given his interests/kinks. I always prefer, when possible, to session with a slave in real time before transitioning to online D/s training. That way, the slave personally knows his Mistress and is familiar with the Domina he continues to serve in this manner.

Chastity Training

Chastity training is very intense, and not for every slave. Locking that device in place and surrendering the key to Mistress is a very powerful form of submission. It truly gives TPE. Can you commit yourself to Me in this way? As the days pass you will get more humbled, and yet more content. Your needs no longer come into play. Mistress holds the key to your release...or lack of. Your caged cock is Her property. You will have no doubt about who is in charge. Only the boldest and most subservient consider taking this route. Tribute amount will be determined on an individual basis.

Fitness/Diet Training

Are you having trouble keeping yourself on a strict exercise or diet regiment? Let Mistress whip you into shape, literally and figuratively. Your lack of will of power is a double-edge sword. While it has caused you to fail to meet your goals in the past, it is the same lack of will power that prevents you from resisting Me. You can’t help but want to please Me and follow My orders. W/we can use that as motivation to get you back into shape. If this is the type of training you need, W/we will determine a plan or routine that suits you and I will implement creative ways to keep you on track. Tribute amount will be determined on an individual basis. Can include online or R/T training, or a combination of the two. Similar programs can be used to help quit smoking or any other bad habit.